Time Allocation

A. All ladder rank faculty and ladder rank emeritus in residence of the University of California are eligible to apply on a competitive basis for observing time on the Lick Observatory 3-m Shane Telescope.

B. Non-faculty UC scientists holding research appointments with titles such as “research astronomer” or “research physicist” (and the like) are also eligible to compete for time on an equal basis with ladder faculty. The title “Adjunct Professor” in itself does not give eligibility to apply for time.

C. Postdoctoral fellows (including special fellowships such as Hubble and Miller Fellows) and temporary visitors to UC holding official university appointments are also eligible to apply for 3-m observing time.

D. Graduate students are eligible to apply for 3-m observing. Each proposal must be accompanied by a letter from the faculty sponsor stating the student is qualified to carry out the project. Graduate student observing projects requiring a large number of nights or nights spread over several semesters must be thesis related, and the first proposal must be accompanied by a letter of support from the student’s thesis advisor.

E. While there are no absolutely fixed limits to the amount of time any one person can be assigned, there is a large number of potential applicants with excellent proposals compared to the number of nights available. For projects requiring more than 20 or more nights in a semester, or for ongoing projects needing time in several semesters, please consult the Policy for Large or Synoptic Approved Programs.

F. After the schedule is made out, it is the responsibility of any observers who wish to trade nights to arrange the trades themselves. However, all proposed trades must be approved by the Director in advance of the nights involved.

Please also see the Shane Policy for Telescope Time Changes.