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UCO Living Lecture Jan 13 2021 Dr. Emily Martin, NSF Postdoctoral Fellow and UC Chancellors Fellow at UC Santa Cruz, is working on several UCO instrument projects and gave her UCO Living Room Lecture talking primarily about PEAS [Planet as Exoplanet Analog Spectrograph]

FoLO Family Dinner Nov 1 2020 Andrew Fraknoi – July 20, 2019 was the 50th anniversary of humanity’s first steps on the surface of the Moon. In those five decades, the Apollo missions, a fleet of robotic probes, and observations from Earth have taught us a lot about Earth’s surprising satellite.

FoLO Family Dinner Nov 1 2020 Andrew Fraknoi – A preview of the talk given on November 1st to Friends of Lick Members.

UCO Living Room Lecture Oct 20, 2020 Lab for Adaptive Optics Director Phil Hinz. Other Worlds: How we will study them. What we hope to find.

UCO Special Interview Sept 22, 2020, Alex Filippenko. The scientist, the teacher, the legend. Ever wonder what makes someone that hunts elusive supernovae care just as much about the 800+ undergraduate students in his classroom? When he can collaborate with the most experienced science minds in the world.

UCO Special Public Address Aug 25th, 2020 – Lick Observatory Fire Update. Director Claire Max talking about the wildfires impact on Lick Observatory. Superintendent Kostas Chloros on Mt. Hamilton staff joined her to help provide updates on known damage and potential future repair/science timelines and priorities.

UCO Living Room Lecture Ryan Foley Aug 3rd, 2020. Professor Ryan Foley discusses this Nobel Prize winning discovery and what we’ve learned about dark energy in the last two decades. He also discusses the cosmological mystery du jour, “Hubble tension,” and how observations of exploding stars, especially those made at Lick and Keck Observatories, may answer these profound questions.

UCO Ask-an-Astronomer Brian DiGiorgio July 27 2020. Brian DiGiorgio has been an astronomy PhD student at UC Santa Cruz since 2017. He joined us for our 4th Ask-an-Astronomer event. Brian is also in charge of staffing UCO’s “Ask an Astronomer” pages on this website and email address. You can find a lot of answers to astronomy questions you might have here on UCO’s website. 

Living Room Lectures July 20 2020. Dr. Shelley Wright, Assoc. Professor of Physics & Astronomy, UC San Diego. For over 50 years, astronomers have been conducting the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI). In the last decade we are thinking of new ways to search for extraterrestrial communication. Dr. Wright gives an overview of the exciting future methods and programs that are on the horizon.

Ask-an-Astronomer Alex Filippenko July 13 2020. Dr. Alex Filippenko, UC Berkeley Professor of Astronomy answers a wide range of questions about the universe and our current understanding of the subject. He is the recipient of numerous scientific accolades, his work has been documented in countless research papers. He continues to be one of the world’s most highly cited astronomers.

UCO Living Room Lecture, July 06 2020. Dr. Andrea Ghez Professor of Astronomy & Physics at UCLA: UCO Living Room Lecture 🔭 How did the Keck telescopes help her demonstrate the existence of a supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy, with a mass 4 million times that of our sun, how has this discovery been providing us with a wonderful opportunity to study the fundamental laws of physics in the extreme environment near a black hole.

UCO Ask-an-Astronomer, June 28th. Dr. Paul Lynam is a resident astronomer at Lick Observatory. Paul hosted our 2nd Ask-an-Astronomer event. In 2011 Paul Lynam joined Lick Observatory, bringing over five years (500+ nights) of observatory experience and a working familiarity with many modern astronomical techniques – some of which have been deployed during 100+ nights as a visiting research astronomer, attending other leading observatories.

UCO Living Room Lecture, June 22, 2020. Andy Skemer Asst. Professor at UCSC Astronomy & Astrophysics Department, UC Observatories describes how we image exoplanets, why we image exoplanets, and where the field is heading as we develop technologies that will soon be capable of detecting bio-signatures on habitable planets… 🌎

First FoLO Family Dinner May 21 2020. Alex Filippenko summarizes the exciting research being doing at Lick on explosive phenomena in astrophysics: supernovae, gamma-ray bursts, and most recently the search for kilonovae (the optical counterparts of merging binary neutron stars or neutron-star/black-hole binaries, discovered through the detection of ripples in the fabric of space-time).

UCO Ask-an-Astronomer, June 14th. Dr. Matthew Shetrone, Deputy Director of UC Observatories, kicked off our Ask-an-Astronomer series. Visit our “Ask an Astronomer” pages on this website. You can find a lot of answers to astronomy questions you might have. 

UCO Living Room Lecture, 1 June 8, 2020. Dr. Claire Max talks about her current research interests including ADAPTIVE OPTICS, LASER GUIDE STARS, and COLLIDING GALAXIES! A fantastic insight into the world of astronomy.