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Until further notice, all UCOAC meetings will take place via Zoom. Agendas will be posted several days in advance. If you are a UC astronomer and would like to attend the open sessions, please send an email to

Minutes and Agendas from Past Meetings:

09/14/2021 AgendaMinutes

05/26/2021 AgendaMinutes

02/26/2021 AgendaMinutes

11/18/2020 Agenda Minutes

10/04/2020 AgendaMinutes

05/28/2020 AgendaMinutes

03/20/2020 AgendaMinutes

12/05/2019 Agenda Minutes

06/04/2019 Agenda

02/06/2019 AgendaMinutes

10/26/2018 AgendaMinutes

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02/02/ 2018 AgendaMinutes