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UCO’s Partnerships

UCO is a Multi-Research Unit (MRU) of the University of California. We have full governance over Lick Observatory and share governance of Keck Observatories and TMT with our Partners.

The University of California Office of the President (UCOP) provides funding for UCO, the Keck Telescopes and the TMT directly. UCO manages Lick Observatory and shares governance for the Keck and TMT with our partners. UCO manages the Instrument Labs at UCSC and funds the Laboratory for Adaptive Optics (LAO) at UCSC and the UCLA Infrared Laboratory.

UCO’s Relationships within UC

As an MRU, University of California Observatories holds a special place within The University of California, linking researchers and laboratories from across UC.

Headquarters Org Chart

The Headquarters of UCO is located on the campus of UCSC which also includes Lick Observatory. The following Org Chart shows the permanent staff located at the the headquarters. Click the image to access a scalable image.

UCO Advisory Committee

The University of California Observatories Advisory Committee (UCOAC) advises the UCO Director on the full range of policy issues related to University of California use of Lick Observatory, W. M. Keck Observatory, and the Thirty-Meter Telescope International Observatory. The UCOAC evaluates University of California (UC) system-wide initiatives relevant to optical and infrared observational capabilities. For more information about the UCOAC please see the UCOAC page